Out of Parlour


Out of Parlour Feeding

Open 24 Hours - Up to 12 feed and 3 no-feed periods in any 24 hours. All are farm programmable and may be changed at any time. The no-feed periods deny rations to all cows and are particularly useful just prior to milking.

ATL Rapid Start - Because you want your new ATL Out-Of-Parlour Feeding system up and running quickly, we initially link your cows to their tags and pre-program the control unit to save you money.

Tags OK By DEFRA - The ATL Out-Of-Parlour Feeding system uses the very latest solid-state, battery-free Allflex electronic ear tags.

Simple Calibration - Master calibration is another farmer friendly feature which makes setting-up feeders and maintaining ration accuracy a fast and simple operation.

Feed Accuracy - The ATL electric auger feeders are reknowned for their accuracy and reliability. Rations may be measured and delivered in grams which means you can feed with total precision. And that means cash savings.

Feed Options - The choice of one or two feeders per station gives the farmer enviable feedstuff options.

Proven Auto-ID - The electronic identification system uses the award winning ATL Auto-ID system. Linking cow numbers with tag numbers is fast and easy unlike most other systems whih require long strings of digits to be keyed.

Easy Programming - Programming of cow records and feed periods is simple and straightforward. Most commonly used routines have dedicated keys on the control unit to cut-down on key punching and save time. Security codes are available to limit system access.

Out of Parlour Feeding

Flexible Groups - Cows are associated with any one of 16 different groups and the rations can be changed for any or all of the groups with just a few keystrokes; no need to change rations for individual cows. A cow may be moved to a new group at any time.

Unconsumed Feed Averaging (UFA) - UFA is ATL's special program which spreads the value of feed uneaten during one period over the subsequent remaining periods in the day. Ordinary systems add unconsumed feed to the next ration period; only UFA prevents excessive ration build-up and high short-term intake or 'gorging'.

Steaming Up - The ration boost facility makes steaming up a simple and economic operation.

Modularity - Feeders, stall controls, power supplies and stallwork are all modular; just add to the system as your herd expands.

Detailed Reporting - The control unit will display yesterdays data for any cow and links through to the ATL Cowculator Feed-To-Yield and Uniform full farm management PC software packages; both of which are available as optional extras.Health Warnings - Unconsumed rations can be an important indicator to imminent health problems. The report printout features animals that are not taking full rations and automatically flags them on the control unit.

... and Built to Last - Tough, rugged and durable. The ATL Out-Of-Parlour Feeding system will give years and years of reliable, unerring service.

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For feeder and stallwork dimensions and more information please download the Out-Of-Parlour Feeding System leaflet from the link below:

Out-Of-Parlour Feeding System Leaflet - [2901kb]

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