Heat Detection


The HEATIME system is based on continuous monitoring of individual cow activity.


The activity is detected by a durable neck tag with a unique sensor.  This tag records the cows movements (not just its footsteps) and stores this data.  When the cow passes underneath the ID unit the tag is triggered and sends the data to the HEATIME control box.

neck tag

The HEATIME control box consists of a stand-alone display and keyboard which enables you to retrieve information and control the systems functionality without the need for a PC.  The activity data of each cow is stored in the unit database.  each time new data is received, a special algorithm interprets the different movements.

heatime control box

If the results show that the cow is in heat the system will alert you.  For added convenience, an optional sorting gate will automatically divert the cow to a tratment yard.  The system enables you to view up to 60 days of activity history in a graphical display, giving a good overview of the cow's behaviour during the last two cycles.

heatime control box interface

HEATIME - simple, effective and very accurate.

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