herringbone feeding

Little things mean a lot...Especially when it comes to choosing a feeding system that is going to serve faithfully and reliably, day in, day out...


  • Heavy duty steel construction - galvanised or stainless steel
  • Stainless steel rivets, bushes and bolts used throughout for a long, corrosion-free life
  • Rolled edges for extra strength and safety
  • Simple, positive fixing system provides fast installation and easy maintenance
  • Electrically isolated motor
  • Diode protection as standard
  • Motor and auger assembly removable to clear feed jams
  • Cutoff and calibration slides fitted at no extra cost
  • A wide range of hopper designs to suit just about any parlour

The ATL Herringbone Feeding System

The ATL herringbone feeding system is unique in that it has been designed to suit any parlour simply by choosing the appropriate hopper from the extensive range and fitting the standard feeder unit. One universal feeder makes installation and maintenance fast and cost effective.

The heart of the feeder is the rugged 12volt DC motor with integral gearbox. It is a sealed unit so lubrication is never necessary. The motor drives a computer-designed auger through an insulated coupling which means that the motor is electrically isolated and may have either common negative or positive connections.

Cake stored in the hopper (or loft) drops through onto the auger which pushes it at a controlled rate to the feeder outlet. Because the motor supply is carefully regulated in the ATL Power Supplies, the motor speed is constant and by the use of a calibration slide, which controls the rate of flow from hopper to auger, the feeder may be set up to deliver feed at a consistent rate.

By precisely controlling the time that the motor is actually running and the auger turning, accurate and repeatable rations can be guaranteed. Cake is not wasted on 'batch' feeds and calculated rations can be given to cows on a 'best yield' basis.

The ATL herringbone feeder has been designed to deliver the most popular feed grades - up to 3/8" pellets, and free-flowing 'home' mixes such as rolled barley and maize. Avoid nuts larger than 3/8" and feed that have a high oil content which may congeal and choke the hopper.

If the feeder does become obstructed, the motor and auger assembly may be easily removed to allow full access to the delivery chute and outlet for cleaning.

Herringbone Feeder Specification

herringbone feeder

Dimensions: 470x270x115mm (18.5x10.6x4.5")

Body Material: 18swg galvansied or stainless steel

Motor: Nominal 12volt DC, diodes pre-fitted, electrically isolated, common negative or positive, timed running, supply entry through grommet on either side of body

Fixings: Six M6 stainless steel bolts

Down Pipe: 76mm (3") OD Flange; flexible reinforced PVC

Hopper Types

There are three basic hopper types - full hoppers for parlours with reasonable headroom and a continuous auger to deliver feed to the hoppers, auger hoppers which fit around the main auger to create a virtually sealed unit, and flange units/half hoppers which cater for low ceilings and shovelled delivery in the loft. The following hoppers are available:

  • Flange Unit
  • Half Hopper
  • 20 Inch Full Hopper
  • 26 Inch Full Hopper
  • 36 Inch Full Hopper
  • Auger Hopper

26 and 36 inch full hoppers may be fitted with infil brackets (775 and 1000mm respectively) to accomodate intermediate stall widths and provide a 'continuous' run.

Hoppers are available in galvanised and stainless steel (some exceptions) with all brackets and fixings supplied.

Lids are available as an optional extra.

For more information please download the Herringbone Parlour Feeding Systems leaflet from the link below:

Herringbone Parlour Feeding System Leaflet - [1774kb]

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